Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award provides the means through which the Midwest District recognizes an individual who has demonstrated distinguished service to health, physical education, recreation, dance, and/or sport. Recipients are persons of personal integrity who exemplify the spirit of devoted service to the profession.

  • Candidates shall have maintained membership for a minimum of five (5) years in SHAPE America.
  • Candidates shall have been involved in the profession for ten (10) or more years.
  • Candidates shall have displayed distinctive leadership and service to the Midwest District.

The following are some illustrations of meritorious service. It is not expected that all candidates will have contributed in all illustrated areas.

  • Contributor of workshops, clinics, conferences, or convention programs as organizer, presenter, or presider for the Midwest District in the areas of health, physical education, recreation, and dance.
  • Leadership and industry as an office holder and/or committee chair of the Midwest District.
  • Contributor as a member of a committee or council of the Midwest District.
  • Leadership in areas which promote the importance and contributions of the Midwest District to State Associations and SHAPE America.
  • Contributor to SHAPE America as a representative of the Midwest District.
Application Procedures

All applicants must submit six typed and complete applications to the Chair of the Midwest District SHAPE America Recognition and Awards Committee by August 15. Application materials should include:

  • Award Application Cover Sheet
  • Written documentation demonstrating compliance with the award qualifications (resumes or vitae not accepted), and
  • A current letter of recommendation from applicant’s administrator or colleague. The letter should be directly related to the award qualifications providing a biographical sketch outlining the contributions of the applicant and how those contributions are deserving of recognition.
Selection and Recognition Process

The Midwest District Recognition and Awards Committee will select one Meritorious Service Award recipient from the applications and present the nominee to the MDSHAPE America Board of Directors for approval. The recipient will be notified by October 1 (or immediately following the Midwest District Fall Leadership Conference) and presented with the award at his/her State HPERD Conference.

The Midwest Meritorious Service Award recipient is encouraged to complete either an SHAPE America Honor Award or R. Tait McKenzie Award application (including letters of recommendation and a publicity form) by October 15. These awards reflect honor and service to the profession within or outside the Alliance structure. The application materials should be sent to the Recognition Awards Committee, SHAPE America, 1900 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191, for national consideration.

Please do not hesitate to contact the chair of your state or Midwest Awards Committee if you have any questions.