Outstanding Student Award

The Outstanding Student Award provides the means through which Midwest District recognizes an undergraduate student who has displayed distinctive leadership and meritorious service to his/her profession of health, physical education, recreation, dance and/or sport.

  • Candidates shall be a current member of SHAPE America.
  • Candidates shall be a current member of the State Affiliate for the state in which they attend a college or university.
  • Candidates shall have declared an undergraduate major in health, physical education, recreation, dance and/or sport or be currently enrolled in a professional preparation curriculum in content areas included as a part of the divisional structure of Midwest District, and be attending a college or university in Midwest District at the time of application for the award.
  • Candidates shall be recommended for award consideration by one of their college or university instructors.
  • Candidates shall display distinctive leadership and meritorious service to their profession. Examples of types of meritorious contribution are as follows:
    • Serves as a positive role model epitomizing personal health and enjoyment of physical activity,
    • Displays distinctive leadership to the profession (i.e., college or university student organization, state affiliate activities),
    • Exhibits meritorious service to the profession (i.e., community, college or university, state affiliate), and
    • Participates in professional development opportunities (i.e., attends and/or presents at meetings, workshops, conferences, etc.)
Application Procedures

All applicants must submit six typed and complete applications to the chair of the Midwest District SHAPE America Recognition and Awards Committee by August 15. Application materials should include:

  • Award application cover sheet
  • Written documentation demonstrating compliance with the award qualifications (resumes not accepted), and
  • A current letter of recommendation from one of the applicant’s college/university instructors. The letter should be directly related to the award qualifications, providing a biographical sketch outlining the contributions of the applicant and how those contributions are deserving of recognition.
Selection and Recognition Process

The Midwest District Recognition and Awards Committee will select one Outstanding Student Award recipient from the applications and present the nominee to the Midwest District Leadership Council for approval. The recipient will be notified by October 1 (or immediately following the Midwest District SHAPE America Fall Leadership Conference) and presented with the award at his/her state affiliate conference.

In 1992, Midwest District established a foundation to benefit students using the interest from its funds. Provisions were made that when the fund reached $5,000 the outstanding student would be awarded $200 during the award presentation at their state conference. For each additional $2,500 in principal, the scholarship will increase $100. Outstanding student winners are asked to make direct contact with the Midwest treasurer to make arrangements for monetary awards. It may not be possible to do this at the time of their respective state conference so follow up is requested on the part of award winners.

The Outstanding Student Award recipient is encouraged to complete a SHAPE America Ruth Abernathy Presidential Scholarship application (including letters of recommendation and a publicity form) by October 15. The application materials should be sent to the Recognition Awards Committee, SHAPE America, 1900 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191, for national consideration.

Please do not hesitate to contact the chair of your state or Midwest Awards Committee if you have any questions.