SHAPE America National Convention & Expo

seattle2Many of this year's dynamic education program sessions will be presented by our members from Washington State! Take a look below for some highlights of what you can expect in Seattle. Walk away knowing how to engage your school community, activate your students with vibrant programs and advocate for your profession like never before! 


Karla Landis, Adrienne Moore and Steven Truong, WA

Maximizing Community Assets for Program-Level Impact

Ken Turner, WA

Adventure In and Beyond the Classroom


Rene Bibaud, WA

Rope Jumping for Fun and Fitness

Carri S. Kreider, WA

Team Effort: Universities and K-12 Schools Teaming Up for Success

Teresa Osbourne, WA

ZUMBAlicious Dance - Engage, Enrich and Educate

Joseph Palumbo, WA

Youth Athletic Development: Strength Training & Plyometrics Specifically for Youth

Dan Persse, WA

Climbing To Success! Building a Climbing Wall and It's Curriculum

Mary J. Trettevik, WA

Geocaching IV: Cashe and Munzee in the Emerald City


Paul J. Clinton, WA

Presenting to Your School Board: Preventive Medicine

Lori S. Dunn and Lisa Anne Wedekind-Rakoz, WA

Blueprint for Policy Success