Southern District Future Professional Award

The Future Professional Award honors the outstanding future professional member of Southern District majoring in health, physical education, recreation, dance and/or professionally related field who has displayed leadership, scholarship and service during his/her undergraduate professional preparation.  

  • Is a major in a Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance and/or a professionally related field
  • Is a full-time undergraduate student at the time of the nomination
  • Is a member of the institution's majors club (if one exists)
  • Is a member of the State association
  • Is a member of SHAPE America
  • Serves as a positive role model for the profession and his/her peers in the following areas: leadership, scholarship, and service during the nominee's undergraduate professional preparation.

Deadline for Nominations: September 15   

Send name and address of nominee to:

Fran Meyer
852 Lincoln Drive
Fredericksburg, VA 22407