Retiree Network

The Retiree Network seeks to encourage, promote, and support active, healthy, productive retirees by providing SHAPE America retired members with opportunities to continue participating in professional, social, and recreational activities.

All Retirees Welcome

The Retiree Network sponsors activities at the annual SHAPE America convention:

  • A program session designed for retired members
  • A business meeting where retiree concerns, SHAPE America activities, and information is exchanged
  • A reception social to provide an opportunity for retirees and near-retirees to meet, socialize, make and renew friendships.

Working For You

The Retiree Network:

  • Maintains a network communication system between national, district, and state;
  • Disseminates information and ideas regarding programs, workshops, and activities that include and encourage unique contributions and participation of retirees;
  • Makes available to younger professional leaders, the professional experience and wealth of wisdom of the retirees.

Benefits of Participation

  • Experience opportunities to maintain and expand efforts on behalf of retirees within SHAPE America.
  • Develop new acquaintances and friends.
  • Receive complimentary or reduced registration fees for attendance at conferences and conventions.

To qualify for reduced registration fees, you must hold a membership card with an "R" (Retired member), a "W" (Retired Life), given to members of 10 years or more who have retired from full-time employment, or E (Emeritus) and V (Emeritus Life) membership cards given to retired 35-year members.