Planned Giving and the SHAPE America Legacy Society

Planned giving enables donors to make substantial gifts in ways that can complement their personal financial planning while furthering the mission of the Society. A planned gift to SHAPE America brings financial benefits to the donor, such as generating lifelong income; converting low-yielding assets into higher income streams at reduced capital gains cost; providing significant income tax deductions; and reducing or eliminating estate taxes. Feel free to contact us at any time, with no obligation, with questions about making a planned gift to the Society.

SHAPE America members who have made the commitment to make a planned gift to the Society are gratefully recognized through the SHAPE America Legacy Society. The Society recognizes all members who have made a future gift to SHAPE America, one or more of the national associations, or the Research Consortium. No formal agreement is needed, only the communication from the donor to SHAPE America that a gift has been planned for.

SHAPE America Legacy Society members    

What is planned giving?

The term refers to charitable giving that is planned ahead of time. These gifts can be advantageous to you as the donor by providing significant tax benefits and/or income for life and at the same time providing a gift to your professional association. A variety of methods used to make these gifts range from simple bequests made in wills to setting up charitable trusts.

Benefits of planned gifts:
  • Increase current income for the donor or others
  • Reduce the donor's income tax
  • Avoid capital gains tax
  • Pass assets to your family at a reduced tax cost
 Types of planned gifts:
  • Bequests—the simplest and most common of all planned gifts that allows you to support the Society through your will
  • Outright Gifts—gifts of cash or securities given to the Society for immediate use
  • Retirement Assets—assets accumulated through your retirement plans can benefit the Society and reduce your tax burden
  • Life Insurance Gifts—policies with a large cash value are a great way to support the Society without tapping resources you or your heirs may need
  • Charitable Income Trusts—many different trusts allow you to give financial considerations for your family as well as for a charity like the Society whether for a set period of time or in the future
  • Charitable Lead Trusts—allow assets to grow over a period of time while at the same time giving contributions to an individual or a charity such as the Society

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