Physical Education Position Statements & Guidance Documents

Providing Community-Based PE Services For Students With Disabilities in Special Education Transition Programs New!

SHAPE America's Position: This guidance states that students with disabilities who are enrolled in community-based transition programs may receive physical education in community-based settings.

Standards-Based Student Progress Report New!
The Essential Components of Physical Education

SHAPE America's Position: SHAPE America has defined the four essential components of physical education: policy and environment, curriculum, appropriate practices and student assessment.

Physical Education Program Checklist
Physical Education Is an Academic Subject

SHAPE America's Position: It is SHAPE America’s position that physical education is an academic subject.

Instructional Framework for Fitness Education in Physical Education
Opportunity to Learn Guidelines
CDC Executive Summary of BMI Measurement in Schools

SHAPE America's Position: Although SHAPE America does not offer a position on the use of Body Mass Index (BMI) in school settings, SHAPE America supports the recommendations set forth by the CDC

Appropriate Instructional Practice Guidelines, K-12:A Side-by-Side Comparison
Top 10 Reasons for Quality Physical Education
CDC - Assessing Your Weight
Cooper Institute FITNESSGRAM Reference Guide