Title IX

"No person in the United Stated shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal assistance."

In the 40 plus years since the passage of Title IX, the federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded education programs, there have been significant increases in sports participation for women and girls at all levels. Many advances have been made for girls and women in sport, but equity has yet to be achieved. Major discrepancies still exist in the area of facilities, travel schedules, and support services. In the majority of high school athletic programs, girls' programs are still struggling for equity in equipment provided, facilities, scheduling of games and practice times, and number of opportunities to participate. We have yet to reach the point of fairness in America's education sports programs. Here are some interesting Title IX Quick Facts.

Much progress has been made since the introduction of Title IX:

Title IX: THEN and NOW - 1972-2014

THEN: 10% of coaches of women's NCAA teams were women
NOW: 42% of coaches of women's NCAA teams are women

THEN: 817,073 girls participated in high-school athletics
NOW: 3,207,533 girls participate in high-school athletics

THEN: There was an average of 2.5 women's varsity college teams across all divisions
NOW: There is an average of 8.73 women's varsity college teams across all divisions

THEN: In 1998 there were 30 NCAA Division I Athletic Directors who were female
NOW: In 2012 there are 26 NCAA Division I Athletics Directors who are female


SHAPE America Introduces Title IX DVD  

titleixDVDAn exciting new instructional resource is available for those who teach about Title IX, conduct research on Title IX, or are simply interested in gender equity. Title IX: Implications for Women in Sport and Education is a 3-disc DVD set produced through a partnership between WBGU-PBS, Bowling Green State University, and SHAPE America.

This DVD set contains important information that could transform viewers' understanding of Title IX. The project contains 14 separate, 15-20 minute chapters featuring interviews with more than 30 women and men who discuss topics such as the requirements of Title IX, its legislative history, the social context from which Title IX emerged, the impact of sport on the lives of women, experiences of pre-Title IX female athletes, and intended and unintended consequences of Title IX.

A multitude of rich visual images supplement the information and bring it to life. At the end of each chapter are questions that enable students to explore the topics in more detail.

Among the speakers are luminaries such as Bernice Sandler, Birch Bayh, Christine Brennan, Vivian Acosta, Linda Carpenter, and Lucinda Williams Adams. Other speakers whom you will recognize include Ellen Staurowsky, Doris Corbett, Don Sabo, Chris Shelton, Katherine Jamieson, Donna Lopiano, Carole Oglesby, and many more.

Title IX:Implications for Women in Sport and Education is an important addition to the library of any women's sports advocate and a must-have for educational institutions. Order now!