2016 SHAPE America Event Calendar 

Event: Webinar: Stop Waivers (and online) From Re-defining Physical Education
Location: Reston
State: Virginia
Start Date: 3/9/16
End Date: 3/9/16
Contact: Stacey Hall
Phone: (703) 476-3489
Email: shall@shapeamerica.org

Event Detail: Every educator is an advocate. While ESSA identifies physical education as part of a "well-rounded" education, the erosion of genuine physical education continues due to credit flexibility options such as waivers and online classes. Every school district has had or will have discussions regarding credit flexibility alternatives to traditional PE. It's time to bust the myths. Now is the time to preemptively and proactively take the discussion in a new direction. Embracing the inevitability of credit flexibility options opens the door to collaborative discussion. Speak up to demonstrate why physical education is also "high stakes" education. If you don't, who will?
Event Cagegory: SHAPE America Event
Event Website: http://iweb.shapeamerica.org/iweb/Purchase/ProductDetail.aspx?Product_code=304-RW064
Approved?: Yes