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young-soccer-coach-and-kidsAre you a high school student who loves sport and activity? A graduate who wants to change their career path? Have you ever thought of pursuing sport as a career? Are you aware of the different professional fields of study in the area of sport and movement studies? There are many! It is an exciting field full of many diverse opportunities to meet your personal interests. As you begin your college search, this information will assist you in describing the different areas of study available at academic institutions that offer sport and movement science programs. 

Like most majors, not all academic institutions offer every field of study. For example, a school may only offer physical education or athletic training or health promotion. Conversely and unlike many majors, the various fields of study in sport and movement sciences may be named differently at two similar institutions. For example, the field of Exercise Science has also been entitled Fitness at other institutions with complementary course offerings. This information will attempt to clarify the prominent areas of study and highlight essential information to help further your understanding of the discipline.

The area of sport and movement studies has grown tremendously in employment opportunities as well as the number of individuals who choose to make it their profession. Read further to see what the field of sport and movement studies has to offer you!

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Contributing Authors
Beverly Allen, Ph.D., North Carolina Central University
Wayne Blann, Ed.D, Ithaca College
Tracy Caravella, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse
Amy Everitt, Ed.D, Salem State College
Virginia Politano, Ph.D., North Carolina Central University
Roger Spacht, Ph.D., University of Delaware
Michele M. Sweeney, Ed.D, Salem State College