Conference Highlights

Keynote - Coaching for Youth Development

Jean Côté

When programs focus on a sole objective, it limits their potential contribution to overall youth development. Furthermore, specific youth sport programs that focus on one of the Ps will often use specifically trained personnel and intervention programs that can be costly and potentially difficult to sustain. Instead of focusing on one outcome, this presentation will present a global vision for youth sport through a new framework that incorporates the mechanisms necessary for a developmentally sound approach to youth sport involvement.

Keynote - Long-term Coach Development - Time to get Focused!

John Bales, President - ICCE 

Long-term Youth Physical Development - What Coaches Need to Know

Rhodri Lloyd & Rick Howard

Optimizing Coach Development: Strategies for Becoming an Effective Coach Across Performance Sport Settings

Wade Gilbert, Gordon Bloom & Karl Erickson

Building Strong Teams and Life Skills Through Positive Discipline

Sarah Carson

Long-term Coach Development: A Systems Approach for High School Athletics

Wade Gilbert & David Barton

You Can Make a Difference: A Contemporary Approach to Managing Athletes Behavior

Alfredo Martinez, Glenn Hushman & George Schaefer

A Coach's Role in Fostering Positive Youth Development and Executive Function within Youth Sport

Lyndsie Coleman

Assessing Coach Emotions: An Observational Coding System

Veronica Allan

Competitive Engineering in English Rugby

David Morley & Paul Ogilvie

Coaches: You Can Lead Them to Water, But Can You Make Them Think?

Kristen Dieffenbach, Melissa Thompson & Wesley Meeteer

Coaching with Developmentally Appropriate Practices

Melanie Perreault & Katherine Wurst

Building Trust, Closeness, and Connection in Coach-Athlete Relationships

Inge Milius, Wade Gilbert & Tim Hamel

A Naturalistic Depiction of True Competition in a Recreational Youth Basketball Program

Matthew Vierimaa

The Glass Ceiling—Where are the Women in Coaching?

Melissa Ferry

Planning Your Journey in Coaching: Building a Network for Success

Pete Van Mullem & Chris Croft

Developmental Contexts and Features of Elite Academy Football Players

David Morley

Team Sport Coaching: Learning from the Experts

Graeme Connolly

Improving Coach Education: A Collaboration Between a State High School Association and Colleges/Universities

Lori Gano-Overway, Jeff Dietze & Donna King

The Future of Education-based Athletics

Robert Zayas

Developmental Pathways of Mentors in a Structured Mentoring Program

Koon Teck Koh

Coaching with an Athlete-Centered Approach

Ryan Shuda & Leeja Carter

Sustaining Standards Based Coaching Education in a Low-Income, Urban School District

Dana Munk & Chelsea Brehm

Guidelines for Effective Coach-Initiated Motivational Climate: Relationship to Good and Poor Sport Behaviors

Brett Nichols, Melissa Davies, Lyndsie Coleman & Megan Babkes-Stellino 

Speaking the Same Language: Communicating Effectively with Athletes

Amanda Myhrberg, Kristin Webster, Robyn Braun & Wilma Boulware 

The Perceived Beliefs of High School Athletic Coaches With Regard to Safety Reinforcement within Their Sport Programs

George Schaefer, Alfredo Martinez & Glenn Hushman

Developing a Value-Driven Leadership Philosophy for Long Term Success

Pete Van Mullem & Dave Brunner

What They Don't Know: The Power and Importance of Parent Education

Karl Zang & Kristen Dieffenbach

Content Preferences of High School Coaches in Continuing Education 

Brooke Forester, Christopher Keshock & Shelley Holden

The Development and Impact of the US National Youth Soccer Coaching License

Ron Quinn & Sheri Huckleberry

The Effectiveness of the International Coach Enrichment Certification Programme (ICECP)

Sarah McQuade

Coaching Effectiveness & Supporting Coach Learning

Sarah McQuade & Christine Nash

The Evolution of a Coaching Philosophy Through the LTCD Process

Michael Phillips & Michael Cathey