Program Session Highlights

young-girl-at-laptopIn today's education climate, your achievement as an educator depends upon your ability to develop a school culture where health, physical education and physical activity are viewed as foundational to school-wide student success.

Below are some sessions to help make your program the best it can be! Whether you're a seasoned professional or just getting started, check out some of the highlights below to engage, activate and advocate like never before!


Jump Rope For Heart/Hoops For Heart

Elementary and Secondary PE Day

Join the 2014 elementary and adapted PE TOYS for a full day of dynamic sessions delving into standards-based instruction, project based learning strategies with a proven record for success and much more! Be sure to pop into some of these other engaging sessions for more thoughtful discussions!

Middle, high and dance TOYS from 2014 will be on hand to teach you strategies to engage with the pre-teen and teenage brain! Take a look at some other sessions you won't want to miss on PE Secondary Day!

Health Education

 Let's Move! Active Schools

Presidential Youth Fitness Program

Up & Coming Professionals