• "Let's Move! " Style Flash Dances

There is still plenty of time to register with Let's Move! Active Schools (LMAS). In the meantime,  check out these two high energy dance routines to teach your students or even the whole school! Below is the instructional video for the LMAS flash mob that debuted in St. Louis at the National Convention. Teach the dance to your students to perform before, during or after school. You can download the song "Hip Hop L.E.A.N." for free on the Partnership for Healthier America website. Teaching tip: the dance starts on the second verse.

Fun Ideas to Consider
  • Encourage students to flex their creative muscles by choreographing the first section and teaching others
  • Ask students to dance free style and join together on the second verse
  • Start the dance with several students participating at the start of the performance


Really get students pumped by teaching them the flash workout dance below.  This routine was a collaboration between Michelle Obama and Beyonce for the First Lady's Let's Move! campaign. Just need the song? Download it here!


Once you've taught your students one of the routines, consider hosting a flash mob.  Work with your school administrative team to come up with a time and date students can perform the flash mob (e.g. lunchtime, recess, field day, an assembly, graduation, etc.).

How about a Challenge? 

How many students school wide can you get to participate? 100? 200? 500?!  Be sure to share on social media with hashtag #PEWeek.