Fuel Up to Play 60 Dance

As you may know, All Children Exercising Simultaneously (ACES) Day takes place the first Wednesday in May at 10 am. This year, Fuel Up to Play 60 teamed up with a middle school in North Carolina to create this original dance. After you watch, learn the steps and plan a time when you can teach it to your class, or even your whole school! Then, on ACES Day, perform "The Fuel Up to Play 60 Dance" in your school! And don't forget the music, your favorite song will work just fine!

In addition, encourage your students to be active 60 minutes a day (before, during or after school) and to choose good-for-you foods. Visit Fuel Up to Play 60 to join.

How about a Challenge? 

How many students school wide can you get to participate? 100? 200? 500?!  Be sure to share on social media with hashtag #PEWeek!