ING Run For Something Better® School Awards Program



Program Overview

ING Run For Something Better® (ING RFSB), in partnership with the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE America) seeks to increase physical activity in students and help fight childhood obesity nationwide through the creation of school-based running programs. Research shows that physical activity improves self esteem, school performance and overall well being.

The ING RFSB School Awards Program will provide a minimum of sixty (60) of $3,500 grants to schools that desire to establish a school-based running program or expand an existing one.

Through activity plans created by SHAPE America and based on the National Standards for Physical Education (AAHPERD, 2014), the awards program will offer children a healthy start to life and foster their desire to exercise before obesity ever begins. To ensure impartiality, SHAPE America will manage the School Awards Program for ING. If you are ready to make an impact on the lives of your students through healthy lifestyle changes, improving self esteem and reducing the rate of childhood obesity, then step up to the starting line!

Program Vision

The ING RFSB school-based running program is designed to be flexible. It can be conducted in physical education class, during recess, before school, after school, or any combination of these. It can be facilitated by a physical education teacher, coach, classroom teacher, or school administrator. The program can be as short as eight (8) weeks or as long as you want it to be. The program's culminating event can be any distance – such as 1 mile or a 5K (3.1 mile) event – held during school, after school, or on a weekend day (and include families and community members). It's meant to be personalized to meet the needs of the school – it's yours to run with – go for it!

Each recipient school is responsible for keeping signed parent permission forms on file for every student participating in the SHAPE America ING RFSB School Awards Program. Student data collection is a part of the program requirements and must be kept anonymous by the participating school when reporting to SHAPE America and ING. It is the responsibility of each school to verify data collection approval from the school district official who monitors/approves student involvement in research studies prior to beginning this program.