Frequently Asked Questions

Does my school-based running program have to be an after school program?
The ING Run For Something Better® school-based running program can be designed as a before, during, and/or after school program.

How many students must participate in my school-based running program?
Your school must have a commitment of at least 25 eligible (grades 4-8) students in order to apply. The program should be offered to the best of the school's ability to all students in eligible grades (grades 4-8). Students in grades K-8 are encouraged to participate. The program must be inclusive of students of both genders and all levels of ability.

Do we have to use the activity plans and training plans for culminating events that are provided?
No, you are welcome to use the examples provided or develop your own materials. Be creative!

My school already has a school-based running program.  Can we still apply?
Existing running programs are eligible for this award, but the school must meet the outlined award criteria. Schools have the opportunity to use the ING RFSB program materials developed by SHAPE America to enhance their running program.

Can two or more schools be involved in one application?
Two or more schools are allowed to apply together for an award. One school must act as the lead applicant and only one application must be completed. Please describe how the schools will work together in the Vision Statement in the section III of the application. Please describe how funds will be dispersed in the Use of Funds Statement in section IV of the application.

If my school receives an award, can the funds support our track team?
No. Funds are not allowed to support existing athletic programs and/or teams. Use of funds will be at the school's discretion to support and/or sustain a school-based running program offered, to the best of the school's ability, to all students in eligible grades.

Can a student participate in the school-based running program at home or elsewhere on his/her own time if unable to attend scheduled programs meetings/training?
Yes. The person overseeing the program can supply students with an appropriate training plan, distance log and/or other materials to prepare for the culminating event. Permission to participate from parent(s) or guardian must still be obtained (if required by school). Students must also participate in the pre and post PACER* tests and other required post-evaluation materials.

How can I check my current AAHPERD membership status?
Log onto SHAPE America Member Central from to view your member profile. You can also email SHAPE America Membership by using the Messaging Center.

Does my school have to purchase the FITNESSGRAM manual with PACER* test materials if awarded one of the $3,500 ING RFSB grants?
No, the FITNESSGRAM manual and PACER* testing materials will be provided to all grant recipients at no cost to your school.

How can I learn more about the FITNESSGRAM PACER* test? 
The PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run)* is the default aerobic capacity test in FITNESSGRAM. Visit for more information.

Can my school use a different cardiovascular assessment tool other than PACER* to evaluate students pre and post program?
No, SHAPE America and ING RFSB require that schools use the PACER* pre and post tests to ensure proper collection of data and to have data that is comparable.

The program would begin at the start of next school year, how do I know if I will have a commitment of 25 students?
Gauge the possible interest in a school-based running program by previous programs offered by your school - jump rope club, art club, etc . Start to spread the word during the current school year to students and/or parents of students in eligible grades – include a call out in your parent newsletter or ask for a show of hands during physical education class to get an idea of how many students would be interested. An exact figure is not required for the application.

I teach at an elementary school, are only my fifth graders allowed to participate or can my other students participate too?
The program is designed specifically for students in 4th-8th grades. Training plans and activity (lesson) plans were developed especially for this target group and might not be appropriate for younger students. However, if a school chooses to develop appropriate running activities for younger students, those students may participate with eligible students during scheduled training time and in the school culminating event. Only eligible students (grades 4-8) count towards the required 25 participants, should be administered the pre and post PACER* test, complete the other required post-evaluation materials and directly benefit from grant funds.    

*Each recipient school is responsible for keeping signed parent permission forms on file for every student participating in the ING RFSB School Awards Program. Student data collection is a part of the program requirements and must be kept anonymous by the participating school when reporting to SHAPE America and ING U.S. It is the responsibility of each school to verify data collection approval from the school district official who monitors/approves student involvement in research studies prior to beginning this program.