How to Coordinate an Event

Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart events are conducted in school by physical education instructors, coaches or teachers. They can be scheduled whenever it's most convenient-during physical education class, lunch or before or after school. Once you register your school with the American Heart Association, you'll receive an event kit with everything you need to conduct a successful event.

  • Allow adequate time for organization.
    Start six to eight weeks before your event. 
  • Promote the educational value of the event.
    Educate students about heart disease and stroke, the purpose for doing a JRFH/HFH event, and how their participation helps to fight heart disease and stroke in your area. 
  • Select date and location.
    Events can be held during or after school or on a weekend. Check for conflicting events and other school fundraisers.
  • Display thank-you gifts.
    Showcasing thank-you gifts increases interest and promotes fund raising.
  • Promote the event to participants.
    Use flyers, posters, class and all-school announcements. Involve a student group and/or create contests to spark interest.
  • Involve all teachers and classes.
    Make Jump Rope For Heart or Hoops For Heart an all-school event by integrating the program into all areas of the school curriculum.
  • Set a deadline to collect donations.
    One week before the event, remind students to bring in their collection envelopes on or before the event date. It may take a few days to everyone to turn theirs in.
  • Thank everyone.
    Thank all students, administrators, etc., and distribute thank-you gifts.
  • Complete an event evaluation after the event.
    Let us know what you think! Your feedback will help us.

Tips from Veteran Jump Coordinators

Event Resources from the American Heart Association