2015 SHAPE America JRFH & HFH Grant Recipients

Each year, SHAPE America honors many of its Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart Coordinators with the SHAPE America JRFH/HFH Grant.  The 2015 grantees are Jump Rope and Hoops For Heart coordinators who have been instrumental in bringing the programs to their school and driving the mission of heart health to the staff, students, and communities in which they live. The 2015 cohort includes teachers who are veteran coordinators and emerging leaders, top fundraisers, Nationally Board Certified, and heart disease survivors. They coach JRFH Demo teams, dress up as members of KISS for their event, write editorials promoting JRFH in local media, and recruit new schools to participate from around their state. Learn more about the SHAPE America grant program here.

Nancy Blake, Goose Bay Elementary School, AK  Learn more
Kalli Christensen and Brian Heller, Cleveland Public School, MN  Learn more
Tyler Eichas, Plank Road South Elementary School, NY   Learn more
Curtis Fallon, Edwin Anderson Elementary School, NC  Learn more
Carol Hill, I.B. Perrine Elementary School, ID  Learn more
Beth Manning, Tabernacle Elementary, NJ  Learn more
Katherine Niedbala, Costello Elementary School, MI Learn more
Laurie Nolan, Glenmont Elementary School, NY  Learn more
John Parks, Moore Elementary School, TN  Learn more
Carmen Plemmons, Lake Murray Elementary School, SC  Learn more
Paul White, Pleasant Valley Primary School, WA
Nicole Whittemore, Aurora Elementary School, AK  Learn more
Brian Wisler, Sinking Springs Elementary, York, PA  Learn more