Summer Family Fun with Physical Activity

Father's Day is a great opportunity to go outdoors and get active with your children! Here are some fun, inexpensive activities to explore using pool noodles and beach balls!

Fun in the waterPool Noodles

  • Tunnel Fun
    Line up a few chairs facing each other, a few feet apart. Lay pool noodles across the chairs to make a tunnel. Children can crawl underneath the noodles or through the tunnel. Children develop upper body strength and spatial concepts while having fun!

  • Tug of War
    A great partner activity for parent and child.Each person holds onto an end of the noodle and tries to pull it from the other.Vary positions to increase the fun and benefit. Try sitting, kneeling, and then standing. Try kneeling while your child stands. Challenge him/her to pull you over—you will both have fun when you fall over! This activity increases muscular strength and endurance.

  • Ride'em Cowboy!
    Put on your imaginary cowboy hat and spurs. Pretend the noodle is a horse and gallop. Add some fun by giving signals to go fast/slow or start/stop. Get creative. What other animals might you like to ride and how do they move—walk, crawl, run, waddle, etc…. Children can experience a variety of locomotor patterns such as sliding from side to side;twisting back and forth;and walking in straight, curved or zig-zag paths.

Beach Balls

  • Cooperation Carry
    Pair two children to walk across the room or play area carrying the beach ball together. First they might use two hands, then one hand each. No hands?! What fun and silly ways will they think of to carry the ball?

  • Toss and Turn
    This is "Simon Says" with a twist. Toss the beach ball up into the air and do something fun before it hits the ground. An adult (Simon) gives a direction, such as "touch your nose," "clap your hands," "jump up and down," "turn around". Children throw the ball up into the air and do what Simon Says before it hits the ground.For added fun, let the children take turns being Simon.

  • Body Ball Roll
    Using a ball work on rolling the ball around your body. Stand up, sit down, kneel or lie down.Such a simple activity can give children practice with stabilizing and controlling actions and explore relational and space awareness.

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