twitter chat_circle October is Health Literacy Month

Take part in SHAPE America's October Health Literacy Twitter chat! The panel will cover why it is important to teach health literacy skills, offer ideas for engaging students and tactics to ensure that what you're teaching in the classroom is reinforced at home.

SHAPE America will also highlight its upcoming Health Literacy website, which will include brand new standards-based activity ideas and lessons and new professional development opportunities dedicated to teaching health literacy.  

When: Monday, October 2, 9 p.m. EDT


  • Tracy Caravella; @curiousTC
  • Andy Horne; @MrHorne101
  • Gary Lemke; @lemke
  • Shonna Snyder; @slsshonna
  • Mary Wentland; @PrideandjoyMary

Host/Moderator: @SHAPE_America

Hashtag to follow: #SHAPEHealthEd