twitter chat_circle Favorite Lessons/Activities in HE:Part 1

In SHAPE America's August back to school Twitter chat, school health educators will discover new activities and lesson ideas that are ideal for that first week of school.

Health education panelists and participants will also share assessment ideas that incorporate and encourage students to self-reflect. Plus, SHAPE America will share the latest back to school resources to bookmark to use throughout the year!

When: Monday, August 7, 9 p.m. EDT


  • Chad Dauphin @ChadDauphin
  • Charlie Rizzuto @RizzutoEd
  • Deanne Romero @Ds_healthedlife
  • Andrea Samsky @SamskyAndrea
  • Scott Todnem @ScottAmpersand

Host/Moderator: @SHAPE_America

Hashtag to follow: #SHAPEHealthEd