twitter chat_circle Technology in the HE Classroom: Low and High Tech

Incorporating technology in the health education classroom can be simple or sophisticated.

SHAPE America's June Twitter chat will focus on infusing both high and low technology to teach and assess students and available resources to increase student engagement. Plus, get expert tips on classroom management strategies to consider specifically when using technology.

When: June 5, 9 p.m. EDT


  • Jeff Bartlett; @bartletthealth
  • Andy Horne; @MrHorne101
  • Sara Lohrmann; @MrsLohrmann
  • Kim Ohara-Borowski; @OharaKimiko
  • Danielle Petrucci; @MRMS_LifeSkills

Host/Moderator: @SHAPE_America

Hashtag to follow: #SHAPEHealthEd