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SHAPE America Announces "50 Million Strong by 2029" Campaign

RESTON, VA, March 18, 2015 — SHAPE America President Dolly Lambdin today announced the launch of the organization's "50 Million Strong by 2029" campaign, a movement to ensure that by the time today's preschoolers graduate from high school in 2029, all of America's students are benefitting from the skills, knowledge and opportunities to enjoy healthy, meaningful physical activity.  

The announcement was made during the Opening General Session of the SHAPE America National Convention &Expo, which is being held in Seattle through March 21. At the session, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared via video to thank SHAPE America members for all they do as physical education and health education professionals in schools across the country, showing kids that being active is important for their health and a whole lot of fun. 

"Research shows that today's youth are more sedentary than ever, and that physical inactivity is the cause of many health problems," says Lambdin, a clinical professor in the Department of Kinesiology &Health Education at the University of Texas at Austin. "SHAPE America is committed to providing health and physical educators with the resources they need to teach young people about the benefits of living a physically active and healthy life." 

"Physical activity in schools provides many benefits to students, including improvement in academic achievement, test scores, attention, concentration and on-task behavior," says Lambdin. "A comprehensive school physical activity program (CSPAP), with physical education at the foundation, will provide our youth with the knowledge and skills to be active for a lifetime, and assures them the opportunities to engage in 60 minutes of physical activity associated with the school day." 

As part of its "50 Million by 2029" campaign, SHAPE America recently released two new guidance documents, Essential Components of Physical Education and Appropriate Practices for Health Education. Defining the four essential components of physical education —policy and environment, curriculum, appropriate instruction and student assessment —raises awareness for the critical policies and practices that guide school districts and schools in addressing students' education needs. This new SHAPE America health education guidance document gives teachers, administrators, curriculum specialists and teacher trainers a detailed blueprint for designing and delivering health education that meets national, state and local standards and frameworks. 

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