group-of-smiling-peopleThrough ProLink, SHAPE America has the expert needed for a variety of topics and services in sport and physical education.

This includes:

  • Curriculum reviews
  • Advocacy presentations
  • Tailored workshops and in-services
  • Accreditation preparation for coaching education or sport management programs
ProLink Has an Expert Consultant Waiting for You!
Use ProLink services for:
  • Workshop presentations
  • Review of manuscripts in development
  • Review of your physical education program
  • Writing new curriculum
  • Advocacy presentations
ProLink Saves You Time and Money.

SHAPE America listens to your needs and does the homework to find you the right consultant. We also handle all of the logistical details of getting that person to your site at the right time. One phone call is all it takes to set the process in motion and bring you closer to successfully completing your project.

But that's not all... 

  • ProLink connects you with your consultant early in the process so that you can have the personal interaction necessary for a successful event.
  • Your direct interaction with the presenter ensures that the presentation covers everything you need it to. 
  • Your valuable time is not spent on preparing presentations, but you always get final approval of all material.
  • Your attendees can contact the experts after the event, which helps you provide excellent customer service to your attendees.

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