ProLink FAQs

What is ProLink?

ProLink is a professional development consulting service, in which SHAPE America utilizes expert members to provide a variety of services such as workshop presentations, review of curriculum, review of facility programs, NCATE accreditation preparation, and advocacy presentations. ProLink can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

What types of workshops do ProLink offer?

ProLink offers workshops on almost any topic one can conceive. SHAPE America works to identify a presenter knowledgeable in your area of interest and then matches you with that individual. Examples of past workshops include NCATE accreditation preparation, physical education curriculum strategies, technology presentations utilizing video and audio communication, and fitness. Find out what else we offer...

What other services are available through ProLink?

ProLink also offers K-12 physical education curriculum review, sport management program review, coaching education program review, college/university curriculum review, resource material (books, manuscripts, videos) review, and advocacy for physical education presentations. Again, ProLink is unique in that it tailors to the specific needs and requests of each individual or organization. Let us know what your interest is and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

How is a ProLink service organized?

SHAPE America handles all the planning and logistics of a ProLink service. We identify and secure the experts and place them in touch with you. We take care of getting the expert to your location at the right time with all necessary materials. We also prepare and send you the ProLink contract. The organization and planning of a ProLink service should be a smooth process and takes every step to ensure that this happens

How do I get in touch with a ProLink expert?

SHAPE America has access to a diverse group of well-qualified professionals with an array of specialties. We will provide you with specific information on recommended ProLink experts, to include a resume, bio-sketch, and background on their area of expertise. You will always have the final approval of the person selected. We then connect you with the expert as soon as possible so that you can have the personal interaction necessary for a successful project.

Can I get in touch with the ProLink expert after the service?

ProLink experts are available for phone consultation after the project.

What is the fee for a ProLink service? 

The cost of a ProLink service varies depending on the service requested and logistics (travel and materials, for example). SHAPE America will make every effort to identify the best possible person for your needs. Please contact for more information.