An Introduction to Motor Development

Part I: Setting the Stage

Part I of this two-part series: Head Start Body Start Master Trainer Dr. Kristi Mally provided an overview of the key motor development concepts related to birth to five. These concepts set the stage for understanding the 'how's and why's' of young children's movement. Knowledge of these concepts helps teachers, parents and all caregivers create opportunities for successful movement experiences for all young children, birth to five.

Part I...Setting the Stage PowerPoint Handouts

Part II: Building Opportunities

Part II of this two-part series: HSBS Master Trainer Dr. Kristi Mally reviews the central motor development concepts that were introduced in Part I, while expanding on the idea of creating affordances that foster successful movement opportunities for all children. This webinar shares visual examples of how different variables surrounding a developing child impact the way movement occurs.

Part II...Building Opportunities PowerPoint Handouts