Alliance Scholar

The Alliance Scholar program promotes scholarship among SHAPE America members and seeks to encourage and facilitate research and creative activities which will enrich the depth and scope of health, leisure, sport, dance and related activities.

Selected annually, the Alliance Scholar presents the Alliance Scholar Lecture at the National Convention. The Scholar disseminates findings to the profession and other interested audiences through presentations at institutional venues in addition to an Internet Web-cast presentation. The Alliance Scholar Lecture is published in one of SHAPE America journals.

Alliance Scholar Webinar: Research that Makes a Difference

Presenter(s): Judith Rink, Ph.D.
Date: Webinar On Demand
Price: member: $45/ non-member: $70
Description: The webinar will briefly review the research done on teaching from an historical perspective and then discuss the needs in our field from several perspectives.

About Dr. Judith E. Rink

RinkJudith Rink is a scholar in curriculum and instruction in physical education. For over four decades, she has concentrated her scholarly work on enhancing student learning through providing effective curriculum and instruction in physical education. Rink's approach to curriculum and instruction is unique in that she develops teaching strategies based on principles of learning. In other words, she emphasizes effective teaching must result in learning achievement. Her empirical work on applying motor learning theories to developing instructional strategies has helped build an effective framework for learning task design. Her best-selling textbook provides evidence-based curricular approaches and instructional strategies, which is one of the "must use" texts in physical education teacher education programs across the country.

Since late 1990s, Rink has focused her scholarly work on working with the South Carolina legislature to bring physical skill and fitness into the state education assessment system. Shifting scholarship focus out of an established comfort zone requires tremendous courage of a scholar. Rink took the "journey into the unknown" (Rink & Mitchell, 2003) and successfully developed a scholarly model of working with the legislature to infuse physical education learning outcomes as part of the statewide education assessment system. This work not only provided solid evidence on research topics of learning assessment systems, outcome measurements, psychometrics issues associated with teacher-centered assessments, and assessment impact on curriculum, it also provided a road map to work with legislatures to advance the cause of physical education.

Rink has published over 60 books, book chapters, and scholarly articles and has given over 120 scholarly presentations at international, national, regional, and state levels. All of these scholarship disseminations have profound impact on student learning, curriculum and instructional strategies, and policy implications of assessments. In short, Rink is one of the most important scholars in our field. Her scholarship is among the most advanced in the discipline and will continue to have a long lasting impact on the future of physical education.

Judith Rink will present the Alliance Scholar Lecture at the 2014 convention in St. Louis, MO.