Coaching Education Webinar Series

All SHAPE America webinars are 1 hour long. Participants receive a certificate of 1.0 contact hour for each webinar they view.

SHAPE America Coaching Webinar Series

Presenter(s): Brian Hainline
Date: Webinar On Demand
Price: member: $125/ non-member: $190
Description: We put together an all-star cast of speakers who will talk on hot-button issues in the coaching profession. The keynote speaker, Brian Hainline, spotlights the series with his discussion on concussions.

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Webinar topics and speakers include:
Handling the Injured Athlete: Prepare to Prevent with Mark Cole

This presentation will examine injury surveillance data as well as provide a detailed checklist for coaches, parents, administrators, and athletic trainers to effectively respond to emergencies, handle injured athletes, and most importantly prevent injuries from happening. This one's on the house! Access it for free by clicking on the link above.

Justifying Sports Programs with Rick Howard

This session will show coaches how to build a case for their sports program, based on academic indicators and other measures decision-makers look at when weighing the cost benefit ratio of sports programs. Samples of successful data collection and analysis for the benefit of the sports programs will be explained.

Optimizing Post-Game Nutrition with Clete McLeod

Clete McLeod, Director of Strength & Conditioning at Southern Illinois University, will present on the latest post-exercise recovery nutrition science surrounding low-fat chocolate milk. He will offer expert insights and tips that could help your athletes recover and rebound faster for the next game or workout.  It will focus on a growing number of published studies that reinforce the post-exercise recovery advantages of low-fat chocolate milk, and will also cover nutrition and exercise physiology. This session shares details about the research, recovery techniques and more.

Exercise and Daily Minutes with Rick Howard

Coaches will learn how to integrate concepts of the Comprehensive School Physical Activity Plan as it applies to intramural and interscholastic sports, especially accumulating 60-minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity. Sports provide one of the best opportunities for children and adolescents to integrate fitness concepts into sports application via acquisition of fundamental motor skills. Specific examples of fun activities, games, and exercises that coaches can use will be presented.

Positive Conditioning Strategies with Patrick McHenry & Rick Howard

Recognize how to use conditioning to motivate your athletes to perform better in practice and in competition. Examples of how to integrate positive conditioning into your practice plans and how to match coaching techniques with your coaching philosophy will be discussed. Concepts of measuring and monitoring proper conditioning intensity as well as ensuring equal application of positive conditioning for all athletes will be presented.

Learning from Current Ethics Scandals in Sport - Sharon Stoll & Jennifer Beller

Pressure, intensity and dilemmas can be found at all levels of sport. In order to negotiate these challenges and make decisions that are in the best interest of their athletes, coaches need to understand their roles and responsibilities as leaders.  This program will discuss ethics, moral decision making and their application in coaching.

Selecting Support Staff: Making the Best Hire - Tim Graham

Creating a strong support staff is a purposeful task that needs a solid commitment to achieve. This session will explore the many ways to attain the coaching staff needed to fit your philosophy.

Concussions - Keynote Presentation - Brian Hainline
This presentation will prepare coaches, administrators, physical educators, athletes and parents to deal with concussions in the most effective, athlete-centered way. This session will detail the anatomy of concussion, identify signs, symptoms & complications of concussion, outline return-to-play guidelines, and discuss strategies to help prevent concussion.
Coexistence between a PE Teacher and a Coach - Valerie Wayda and Kristen Dieffenbach

Coaching and physical education have much more in common than it may appear.  Both require systematic planning, application of sport science and learning theories and quality leadership from someone who knows how to teach.  Unfortunately, the two sides rarely work together or value contribution the other brings to the game.  This program will explore how to integrate the best of both fields for the benefit of the student, athlete, teacher, coach and sport environment.

The Sport Parent: THEIR Side of the Story - Melissa Murray, Lindsey Blom & Linda Schoenstedt

Sport parents can cause headaches for coaches with questions, comments and concerns about coaching decisions. At the same time, coaches often forget to consider the viewpoint of the sport parent. This session will encourage coaches to think about the challenges of being a sport parent and ways to encourage effective communication.