What is PIPEline?

PIPEline (Program Improvement in Physical Education) is a series of workshops designed to help teachers improve their programs and provide quality physical education consistent with the National Physical Education Standards

What workshops are available?

Check out our PIPEline workshops for details.

What type of training is provided by PIPEline?

Both full day and half day workshop are available. Workshop presenters are recognized national physical education teachers, curriculum/instruction specialists and/or district or national teachers of the year.

Can we have a half-day workshop?

Yes, half day workshop is available. Please check out our PIPEline workshops for details.

How many people can attend?

The maximum number of participants for all the workshops except Integrating Technology: K-12 Physical Education is 50. The technology workshop allows for a maximum of 30 participants, in order to allow the clinician to provide hands-on instruction with the devices as well as computer lab instruction.

What if I have a very small group of teachers to train?

Several adjacent school districts have teamed to host a workshop. Institutions of higher education may be willing to host along with a school district.

What do I need to provide?

The host organization must provide a suitable space for movement and lecture activities, audiovisual equipment and activity equipment. In the case of the technology workshop, a computer lab may be required along with a technician to assist before and during the workshop. Please discuss this with your presenter