Adapted Physical Education Assessment Scale (APEAS) Workshops  

adapted physical activitySHAPE America offers workshops for registered users who want more in-depth practice with the Adapted Physical Education Assessment Scale (APEAS) software. Our full-day workshops are for schools, school districts, and universities. 

Workshops are broken into two sections. The first covers test administration and focuses on the tests that a physical educator would administer. The second covers software usage. Participants receive hands-on practice with test administration for elementary and secondary levels. SHAPE America instructors use exercises unique to this test administration, such as the evidence-based curl-up and others.   

Workshop Requirements 
  • Workshops are $2,500 flat fee.
  • Workshops cannot exceed 50 participants.
  • Each participant must purchase the APEAS software before they attend a workshop.
  • Host facilities must have adequate space and equipment (gym/field for the test administration portion and computers for the software usage portion).
Workshop Instructors

In addition to test originator Jan Seaman, workshop leaders include Cyndi Martinich, coordinator of adapted physical education for the Los Angeles Unified School District.

I really enjoyed Jan Seaman and the presentation. Jan is a hoot as well as a good presenter. I was both educated and entertained, so the presentation was informative and fun.