Publishing Guidelines for JOPERD Departments

Research Into Practice

Brief (500-650 words) abstracts of research are published in each issue of JOPERD. Abstracts must be of peer-reviewed and data-based research articles published within the past year (excluding articles previously published in JOPERD). Abstracts should follow the Research into Practice structure and include a title and reference, along with sections that address what was the question, what was done, what was found, and what does the study mean. Ensure research results are applicable to practitioners and relevant to the readership of JOPERD. Length should be no more than two double-spaced pages using a 12-point font. Attach a file of the entire source paper. Send your abstract and the full text of the source paper to Kirk E. Mathias

Teaching Tips

The Teaching Tips department is geared to the HPERD teaching professional. It gives field practitioners the opportunity to share their ideas and to learn from others about teaching ideas that really work. The JOPERD Editorial Board encourages members who are actively involved in teaching at any level to submit their successful teaching ideas. Submit your manuscript (no more than six double-spaced pages) to Ferman Konukman.

Technology Tips

Technology Tips keeps the membership informed on the latest technology-based devices (hardware and software) and their uses in the fields of physical education, recreation, and dance. Are you using technology to facilitate your work or the learning of your students? If the answer is "yes," then the editor of Technology Tips encourages you to submit an article to JOPERD for the department. Technology Tips focuses on the practical uses of technology, including: reviews of pertinent software, methods for including technology in the instructional program, uses of technology for the professional, new devices (such as eMates, MessagePads, heart monitors) and how to use them in one or more of our related subject areas. Submit your manuscript (no more than six double-spaced pages)to Brian Mosier.

The Law and You: Recent Rulings from the Courts Affecting HPERD Professionals

Articles on topics of legal concern to the PERD profession. To submit, contact Tom Sawyer ( or call him at (812)237-2645.


Issues is an open forum in which readers have the opportunity to respond to a question regarding HPERD. Brief (150-200 words) responses are encouraged. Responses will be edited to fit the allotted space.


Letters, published on space-available basis and selected by the editor, should speak (pro/con) on an issue or article previously published, on a professional issue of concern to larger numbers of professionals, or on a personal reflection. Letters may be submitted to