Books and Products

SHAPE America offers a wide variety of practical resources for physical education teachers, administrators and coaches. The books and merchandise reflect our commitment to quality physical education and sport programs and topics include: national standards; national guidelines; assessment; professional preparation, and P-12 physical education.

New Releases

Creative Dance for All Ages, 2nd Edition

The second edition of this classic text has been revised, reorganized and updated to meet all the needs of dance teachers, providing the theory, methods and lesson ideas for success in a variety of settings and with students of all ages.  

National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education

BEST SELLER! Introducing the best guidance available for aligning your curriculum to the new National Standards for Physical Education, as revised in 2013.

Scope &Sequence for K-12 Physical Education

This smart-looking brochure lists the new National Standards for K-12 Physical Education and opens into a colorful, easy-to-implement wall chart of a scope &sequence for K-12 PE instruction.

Smart PE Moves Downloadable Lesson Plans

Now, high-quality lesson plans are just a click away! Find entire unit plans on cricket, dance, golf, karate, lacrosse, orienteering, pickleball, Pilates, team handball and yoga. Each unit plan contains a block plan and lesson plans for multiple skill levels: beginner, intermediate & advanced. Many of the units come with sample assessments, too, so no need to create your own! These lessons are applicable to upper elementary, middle and high school classes.

101 Tips for Making Your Move in School & at Home

Offers teachers and parents fun, creative ways to help students start thinking about ways to stay active and fuel up with the right kinds of nutrients.

PE Metrics™ Assessing National Standards 

The PE Metrics™ system of assessing student performance in physical education is a best-selling, revolutionary book to include all six National Standards for Physical Education. This edition includes a

  • FAQ chapter
  • professional-development plans
  • DVD of Standard 1 skill assessments
  • CD-ROM with a ready-to-use test bank for easy reproduction.
Meeting the Physical Education Needs of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

This new resource offers PE teachers practical strategies and activities for working with students with autism spectrum disorder in both inclusive and self-contained class settings. Strategies include:

  • Communicating with children with ASD
  • Behavior management
  • Class management
  • Creating visual systems
  • Addressing sensory needs
  • Creating & enforcing rules
  • Modeling skills

Includes a CD-ROM full of downloadable tools for the classroom

101 Tips for Teaching Nutrition Concepts in Physical Education

101 quick & easy-to-implement strategies for PE teachers to introduce nutrition concepts to their students. Activities, games, information ideas ... it's all here in one convenient booklet! And the tips come from PE teachers and a nutritionist, so you know they're well-grounded and doable!

Smart PE Moves for Middle School Students

This comprehensive guidebook offers dozens of block plans and lesson plans, and sample assessments. Each lesson plan includes lesson objectives, warm-up, practice and small-sided game activities, as well as a checklist of how the activity applies to the National Standards for Physical Education.

Physical Activity & Sport for the Secondary School Student, 6th Ed.

This comprehensive resource guide provides students and teachers alike with all they need on 23 secondary school sports and activities.

New with this edition:  Accompanying CD-ROM offers hands-on tools — assessments, lesson plans and practice drills — for teaching and coaching each sport or activity.  

Assessment for Everyone

This user-friendly guide expands upon selected books from within SHAPE America's Assessment Series to ensure that physical education teachers can assess all students -- including those with disabilities -- alongside their classmates in a variety of skills.

PE Game Plan: Lesson & Unit Planner for Elementary & Middle School Physical Educators 

Plan your lessons for each class throughout the year. Perfect for beginning teachers, as well as veterans. This resource gives you a ready-made format for planning effectively, including a CD-Rom, so you can customize your weekly and daily lesson plans.

Flash Fitness & the Incredible Physical Activities: A Super-Hero Approach to Meeting the National Physical Education Standards in Grades K - 5

Offers more than 110 activities and 15 sample lesson plans - all reflecting a super-hero theme and all grounded in the National Standards for Physical Education - for K - 5 physical education classes.

Concepts and Principles of Physical Education: What Every Student Needs to Know, 3rd Edition

Addresses the National Standards, as well as the National Assessment Test for Physical Education.
This book explores the eight subdisciplines of physical education in an easy-to-use format.