Play On!
Playground Learning Activities for Youth Fitness  

To combat the growing obesity epidemic in children, Americans need to inspire our children to get moving. Yet many programs leave children bored and inattentive. Instead, children are excited by spontaneity, creativity, imagination, adventure, novelty, and FUN. They enjoy a challenge, they like to learn, achieve, develop skills, and accomplish goals.  

In partnership with PlayCore, Inc., and a team of play experts from Louisiana State University, SHAPE America has created a colorful learning activity guide designed to promote strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness for children of all abilities through the use of playground equipment.  

School teachers, community leaders, and kids will enjoy exploring new ways to play: climbing, swinging, sliding, spinning, balancing, running, jumping, and more.  

Play On! Playground Learning Activities for Youth Fitness includes:

  • 100 learning activities for children (K-5) with clear instructions and color photos
  • NASPE-aligned physical education standards for all activities
  • Variations for children with disabilities
  • Safety and teaching tips
  • Take-home guide for parents (English   Spanish)
  • Funding opportunities for schools/community centers to obtain equipment
  • Detachable pages for convenient use with clipboards
  • A Skill Assessment Worksheet to track children's performance

 kids in wheel chairs