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Coaching Education Webinar Series

Presenter(s): Brian Hainline
Date: Webinar On Demand
Price: member: $125/ non-member: $190
Description: We put together an all-star cast of speakers who will talk on hot-button issues in the coaching profession. The keynote speaker, Brian Hainline, spotlights the series with his discussion on concussions.

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The National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE)

(NCACE) promotes and facilitates coaching competence within all levels of amateur sport by overseeing and evaluating the quality of coaching education programs. In addition, NCACE endorses comprehensive standards for sport practitioners, including: volunteer, interscholastic, collegiate, and elite coaches. Through accreditation, NCACE provides leadership and guidance to coaching education providers, sport administrators, and the public regarding the knowledge, values, and skills of effective coaches. Click on the links below to learn about the value of coaching education and why it's important to accredit your coaching education programs: