Quality Physical Education

SHAPE America believes that every student in our nation's schools, from PK-12, should have the opportunity to participate in quality physical education.

The Four Components of a High-quality Physical Education Program
  • Opportunity to Learn
  • Meaningful Content
  • Appropriate Instruction
  • Student and Program Assessment
Why is Quality Physical Education Important?

Quality physical education programs help all students develop:

  • health-related fitness,
  • physical competence,
  • cognitive understanding,
  • positive attitudes about physical activity

so that they can adopt healthy and physically active lifestyles.

Tools for Observing Quality Physical Education

Are the children in your family and community receiving high quality physical education? Visit your school(s) and use the following tools and information to assess the quality of the physical education program.  

For Use By Principals:

The following resources can help you evaluate the quality of instruction and the quality of your physical education program.  

Guidance Documents

Standards, Guidelines and Position Statements  

Learning Experiences that Meet Developmental Needs.

Quality physical education programs provide learning experiences that improve mental alertness, academic performance, and readiness and enthusiasm for learning in our nations' youth.

Get more information about the key points and resources available for observing and/or implementing a high-quality physical education program.