Key Points of Quality Physical Education

quality PELearn the key points of the 4 components of a high-quality physical education program:

1. Opportunity to Learn:         
  • All students are required to take physical education                  
  • Instructional periods totaling 150 minutes per week (elementary) and 225 minutes per week (middle and secondary school)        
  • Physical education class size consistent with that of other subject areas                     
  • Qualified physical education specialist provides a developmentally appropriate program        
  • Adequate equipment and facilities    
2. Meaningful Content:                     
  • Written, sequential curriculum for grades P-12, based on state and/or national standards for physical education                     
  • Instruction in a variety of motor skills designed to enhance the physical, mental, and social/emotional development of every child                    
  • Fitness education and assessment to help children understand, improve and/or maintain physical well-being       
  • Development of cognitive concepts about motor skill and fitness                     
  • Opportunities to improve emerging social and cooperative skills and gain a multi-cultural perspective                    
  • Promotion of regular amounts of appropriate physical activity now and throughout life
3. Appropriate Instruction:         
  • Full inclusion of all students   
  • Maximum practice opportunities for class activities        
  • Well-designed lessons that facilitate student learning        
  • Out of school assignments that support learning and practice        
  • Physical activity not assigned as or withheld as punishment
  • Regular assessment to monitor and reinforce student learning 
4. Student and Program Assessment:         
  • Assessment is an ongoing, vital part of the physical education program        
  • Formative and summative assessment of student progress                     
  • Student assessments aligned with state/national physical education standards and the written physical education curriculum         
  • Assessment of program elements that support quality physical education        
  • Stakeholders periodically evaluate the total physical education program effectiveness

View SHAPE America resource documents for additional information on these key points.