J. B. Nash Scholar Award

The J.B. Nash Scholar Lecture Award honors and encourages outstanding leadership in research and scholarship in recreation and leisure. The awardee is invited to present a lecture at the SHAPE America National Convention & Exposition.

Nominee Criterion:

A scholar is selected by peer review based on demonstrated professionalism in the four categories below. Nominees must meet at least one criterion under each category.

  • Scholarly record for a number of years as evidenced by publications and scholarly presentations such as, but not limited to: articles in a variety of referred and non-referred journals and popular magazines; author or co-author of texts endorsed by professional colleagues; presentation of professional research papers at national and international meetings.
  • Public service and leadership as evidenced by professional presentations, consultation, and professional leadership. Conference speaker, keynote addresses, and similar within the past two years. Sought for consultation. Diverse and practical service activities with documentation of evolvement. Vitality of contemporary and forward-looking ideas as expressed in writings and presentations. Established leader in the field of parks, recreation, and leisure.
  • Commitment to the profession through service at national, district, state, and/or local levels. Contributor to SHAPE America publications. Past or current service on national, district, or state committees and boards of SHAPE America or of similar associations (e.g., NRPA, ACA). Contributes professionally to leisure education, professional knowledge, and professional preparation.
  • Research expertise as evidenced by research projects, research publication, and/or grants. Shows expertise in research process with sophistication as either a proficient researcher or competent critic of the same. Published articles in recognized referred journals. Author of federal and state grants and/or private grants that were obtained for research or training proposals.
Jay B. Nash

j-b-nashJay B. Nash was one of the first elected members of the American Academy of Physical Education formed in 1926 which included Clark Hetherington, R. Tait McKenzie, Thomas Story, and William Burdick. Nash took his Ph.D. degree in physical education from New York University in 1929, where he already was a faculty member. He was a dynamic and inspiring leader whose teaching and writing helped shape the modern curriculum in physical education. Nash was president of the American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation from 1942-43.