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Reprint & Permission

Written permission from SHAPE America is required whenever  trademarked logos are requested or when copyrighted material is reprinted or adapted. Permission to reprint or use logo marks is not official until SHAPE America receives the signed formal agreement and payment when applicable. Permission requests are subject to a processing and usage fee.

Please note that the SHAPE America and 50 Million Strong by 2029 logos may not be used as part of your school fundraising event or in conjunction with outside sponsors. For licensing approval or information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact SHAPE America's Senior Director of Development & Outreach at

Reprint & Permission Process
  • Complete the permission form, at the bottom of the page, so your request can be considered.
  • Allow 2-3 weeks to process all copyright and reprint requests. Logo requests can usually be reviewed within 5 business days.
  • A formal agreement will be emailed to the requestor outlining the conditions of request or denial.
  • Sign and return the agreement and payment when applicable.

Requests should include the requestor's name, address, organization, e-mail, telephone number, and web address (if applicable). Requests must identify the exact material that is being requested to be copied, or used and/or the title of the publication, video or the website URL address from which the material is taken. Page numbers and copyright dates must be included. The request must state exactly how the material will be used and distributed and if the materials will be sold (including: how many pages will be used, when and where it will be used, if being sold – cost, where, to whom, etc). For 50 Million Strong logo requests, please use "NA" for publication information and detail use under "Usage."

Permission will not be granted:
  • To copy an entire or large portion of a publication, pamphlet, slide set or video.
  • To use any material that has been discontinued or that is under revision.
  • To duplicate material from the SHAPE America website to another site.
  • To translate for a commercial or for-profit activity.
Contact Information

SHAPE America Permissions
1-800-213-7193 x1410

Fill out the Permissions Request Form here.