2018-19 SHAPE America

Impact Schools Grant Program

Health and physical literacy can be a life-changer for all children. SHAPE America knows that a focus on effective instruction and implementing an evidence-based, standards-based curriculum with measurable objectives for all students has the power to help students live their best lives.

It's a simple, but powerful belief that drives everything we do. As part of our goal to build 50 Million Strong, SHAPE America is dedicated to giving back to communities in high-need areas across the country. As such, SHAPE America is making the commitment to support ten (10) eligible schools through the SHAPE America Impact Schools program, to help grow and build effective health and physical education programs within their schools. 

SHAPE America’s Impact Schools grant program will provide much needed funds and professional development opportunities to schools to enhance health and physical education programs in high-need areas across the nation, while helping teachers continue their studies and build expertise that improves student outcomes.

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