SHAPE America Strategic Direction

As the national voice serving 200,000+ health and physical educators around the nation, we pride ourselves on setting the national standards that guide the profession.

In April 2020, the SHAPE America Board of Directors approved a new strategic direction with a three-year focus. 

This strategic direction — finalized during a global health crisis and in a time of great transformation for our nation's youth — includes a diverse and robust membership as its foundation. To make this vision a reality, we will seek to eliminate systemic injustices and foster more diversity and inclusiveness in our leadership opportunities.

As our membership grows, so will our positive impact across all the communities we serve. With our collective strength and knowledge of well-designed health and physical education programs, we will prepare all children to lead active and healthy lives.

We look forward to sharing additional updates as our plans to support the implementation of this strategic direction develop.

Download the PDF Here

Foster a Strong, Well-Represented
Membership Community

Provide accessible standards- and high-quality resources and opportunities that serve current members’ needs and engage, empower and celebrate members.

Foster greater equity, diversity and inclusion within our community – and within our membership leadership opportunities.

Serve as the leading national voice and authority for all HPE advocacy and public policy and ensure the HPE community is well-equipped to advocate.


Build Community and Serve Students Through Meaningful Service-Learning and Give-Back Programs
Provide resources that connect physical health with mental health and help build wellness-oriented, EDI-focused schools.

Expand programs to serve more students and communities while also growing membership.

Provide opportunities — and support — for teachers to advocate for HP



Be the Voice for National Standards and High-Quality Professional Development
Engage the broader, diverse SHAPE America higher education community to promote research and to ensure tomorrow’s teachers are fully equipped to teach.

Expand programs to serve more students and communities while also growing membership.

Provide high-quality, standards- and skills based professional development opportunities that are inclusive and accessible, and which address key topics, including: equity, diversity and inclusion, social justice, assessment, physical literacy, and SEL.