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Health & PE Improve Student Focus. Will You Help Spread the Word?

This profession has evolved in so many wonderful ways. One way I am particularly excited about is our contribution related to student focus.

I want to thank and shake the hand of every researcher in this area of expertise. Although we always knew we were important as subject-area content professionals, it was the research that connected what we do to the bigger picture in education.


Advocate to Activate — Oh the Possibilities!

When I was an undergrad at Montclair State (Go Hawks!), learning to advocate for the profession was just as much a part of my education as any other. I quickly internalized that as a health and physical educator, I may be treated differently than other subject area teachers. I may be viewed as an “extra,” a “prep for classroom teachers,” or a “special.”

I can never forget those feelings that stir up inside of me when I hear someone talk negatively or disregard our work as health and physical educators. But, here’s a thought. Let’s use all of this negative energy and turn it into something positive and powerful, and as an opportunity to change people’s perceptions for the better!


It’s the “Principal” of the Matter

For me, once you get past the difficult emotions of “my principal doesn’t care,” you realize that each one of us in the field not only has the knowledge and skills to advocate, but an obligation to do so on behalf of the health of every child. There has never been a more appropriate time to act, given the emphasis on stress, depression and anxiety among our school-age children.

There’s never been a more appropriate time to improve your teaching and your program given the incredible news about ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) funding for Title IV Part A.