Special Interest Group Guidelines

SHAPE America will create Special Interest Groups (SIGs), allowing members with similar interests to meet, share, and network. Additionally, the SIGs will serve as a resource for SHAPE America regarding questions and issues that arise related to their topical area. They will also support the SHAPE America program councils in the identification and development of new programs, products, and services.

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SIGs will be free to conduct their own affairs in support of SHAPE America's vision, mission, and strategic plan, so long as they are in compliance with the policies and procedural requirements established by the Board of Directors.
  • Members of each SIG will communicate with each other via Exchange.
  • Members of each SIG will communicate and collaborate with each of SHAPE America's program councils as individual projects warrant.
  • Each SIG will have an opportunity to share information related to their specific interest with the full membership through publication of an article in Momentum.
  • Each SIG will be assigned a staff liaison from SHAPE America headquarters.


SHAPE America members will self-select the SIGS in which they participate by identifying their interest(s) in their membership profiles. Members can select or de-select SIGs at anytime through the membership app or the SHAPE America website.

Start a New SIG!

Interested in starting a new SHAPE America SIG? Check out our criteria for starting a new SIG. Please contact the SHAPE America Programs Unit at SIGs@shapeamerica.org to obtain the necessary information and submission forms.

SIG Awards

Nominate a deserving individual for an award! Check out the SIG call for nominations: