Mobile App for Health & Physical Education!

Download the free SHAPE America mobile app, version 7.0.1, to play the Badge Hunt to 50 Million Strong.

This new update also helps you navigate all of SHAPE America's upcoming events including the national convention and district conferences. 

What's new with version 7.0.1

  • Home page access to events and app alerts
  • Log in prompts to maximize your event benefits
  • Vibrant "refresh" banners to identify when new data is added

Note for Apple Iphone users: If you already have the correct version of the app but you are not seeing the updates you may need to need to do a manual update. Go to the app store and tap "update" to apply or download the powerpoint guide for users if you have any questions.

This mobile app helps you to:

  • Access your SHAPE America member benefits
  • Play the Badge Hunt to 50 Million Strong game
  • View and explore event sessions
  • Access speaker profiles, information and handouts*
  • Sessions/Events – view details including date, time, location and speakers
  • My Schedule – create and view your personalized schedule
  • My Notes – keep personal notes on sessions and events
  • Mobile Alerts– get notified of onsite activities in progress
  • Exhibitors and Sponsors – view list and search details
  • Surveys – provide feedback on sessions you have attended

*Available for registered attendees at SHAPE America events. Presentations with handouts will have a PDF icon next to the session.

Get a full list of app features and instructions.

How to get started:

 Download the App
Click on the appropriate icon below to access/download the app for your mobile device.


  Find an Event
Search from past, current and future


 Search for Sessions
Search by keyword, speakers or dates

Download the powerpoint guide for users.

Quick Tips

  • Download the SHAPE America Mobile App in iTunes or in Google Play
  • Log in using the SHAPE America email and password you used to register for the event.
  • Go to "Events" and look for "Current Events"

Note: Whenever you see this red symbol, tap it to download the most up-to-date info about the event.