School Reentry Considerations

Considerations for School Reentry

Student Assessment

Regardless of the delivery method, the goal of physical education and health education remains the same: to develop a student’s physical and health literacy.

It is important that some level of assessment be incorporated as part of any well-designed health and physical education program. Additionally, state- or district-level requirements for assessment must be considered and adapted as necessary to fit the school’s current model for learning.


Understand that assessment happens in many ways — and can be assessment for learning or assessment of learning.

  • Assessment for learning gives feedback to students to help them improve on the area being assessed but is not for grading purposes. (It’s important to give your students feedback, especially if you are using a distance learning or hybrid model of instruction.)
  • Assessment of learning allows students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have learned in health and physical education.

Use backward planning to develop assessments.

  • What are your specific goals for your students?
  • How will you measure their progress toward those goals?
  • What opportunities will you provide for your students to work toward these goals?

Provide a variety of assessments that address all the standards that are supposed to be covered.

Offer opportunities for students to choose how they will demonstrate their knowledge and skills. This is a more equitable approach that sets up students for success.

  • Written, video, journaling, etc.

Use formative assessments to determine what concepts students understand and what students may be struggling with.

Use simple rubrics so your students understand how they will be assessed and what they will be assessed on.

Suggested citation: SHAPE America. (2020). School reentry considerations: K-12 physical education, health education, and physical activity. Reston, VA: Author.

The recommendations and strategies provided herein are obtained based on guidance for schools provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and national recommendations for physical education, health education, recess, and classroom-based physical activity. The COVID-19 outbreak is an ongoing, rapidly developing situation. Educators are encouraged to monitor publicly available information and to always follow federal, state and local health organization guidance and government mandates. This information may vary and will be updated as necessary.