Online Advocacy Day

Participate in our online day of action by reaching out to your members of Congress about the importance of health and physical education. Check back for updates on the 2018 Online Advocacy Day taking place in September! Here are some highlights from our 2017 Online Advocacy Day:

Be Proactive and Advocate for #MoreTitleIV in FY18!

Together, let's ensure all children reap the benefits of an effective health and physical education program. Before it is too late, tell your members of Congress to support #MoreTitleIV federal funding under the Every Student Succeeds Act in FY18.

This school year, Congress drastically reduced funding to just $400 million — which is just 25% of the authorized $1.65 billion. Engage your members of Congress so Title IV, Part A funding isn’t cut any further or eliminated in 2018. Remember, Title IV, Part A aims to support:

  • Well-rounded education, which now includes health and PE
  • Safe and healthy students
  • Effective use of technology 

Four Ways to Support Health and PE and More Title IV Funding

View SHAPE America’s ESSA webinar
Check out our on-demand webinar with Senior Manager of Advocacy Carly Wright, @CWrightHPE. Carly shares tactics you can use immediately to influence how HPE (health and physical education) is addressed under ESSA this school year — so these programs get the necessary funds. View the webinar.


Be a Backyard Advocate
Throughout the year, members of Congress return home to meet with constituents like you about key issues. Use SHAPE America’s Advocacy Toolkit to plan your visit. Key ask: Appropriate full funding for Title IV, Part A under ESSA in FY18.  Download toolkit.


Support our “MoreTitleIV” Thunderclap before September 14
Under-funding Title IV, Part A prevents states and school districts from making a meaningful investment in the health and well-being of our students. If we get at least 500 advocates supporting our “More Title IV message”, it will blast out across social media on September 14! Sign our Thunderclap!


Take Action on September 14, Online Advocacy Day
After you sign on to support our Thunderclap, on September 14 click on the link below to send a SHAPE America Action Alert directly to your representatives asking to fully fund Title IV, Part A at the intended authorized level of $1.65 billion. Send Action Alert.

In 2016, we reached more than 500,000 social media accounts with our message to Congress. Help us do it again with these sample messages!


  • I just added my name to support #healthed #physed in schools. Sign SHAPE_America's Thunderclap:

  • Students will do their best when they’re active + healthy! Support #HPE! Participate in SHAPE_America’s Online Advocacy Day! (add your own hashtags)

  • Health + PE are part of a student’s well-rounded education + support their path to health + physical literacy.
    #MoreTitleIV (Tag members of Congress)

  • #MoreTitleIV funding can help me empower my students to lead active, healthy lives. Advocate w me + @SHAPE_America on 9/14!

  • Facebook:

  • I just added my name to support #healthed #physed in schools. Sign SHAPE_America's Thunderclap:

  • $400 million is not enough to support a student’s well-rounded education – which now includes health and PE. (tag four Facebook friends) send a (tag us) @SHAPE America action alert asking Congress to fully fund Title IV, Part A block grant in FY18. #MoreTitleIV #ESSA

  • Tag members of Congress) As a (fill in) health/physical educator, I help prepare students to live their best life! I strongly urge you to fully fund Title IV, Part A in FY18 to support their journey toward health and physical literacy. #ESSA #MoreTitleIV

  • Research shows students want to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle and value health and PE! #MoreTitleIV funding will help.

 Read Our Thunderclap Message:
#MoreTitleIV means effective health & physical education for all students. Ask Congress to fully fund #ESSA now!

More Advocacy Action Items

Take small yet effective steps to advocate for HPE each month!

Sept. 14 Title IV-A Coalition Policy Briefing

SHAPE America will live stream via Facebook a special briefing on the Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) grant program under Title IV, Part A.
11:30 a.m.  1:30 p.m. EDT