6 Steps for a Successful
Jump Rope For Heart/Hoops For Heart Event

Planning your event? It doesn’t take much time or effort to put together a worthwhile JRFH or HFH event. Tailor your event to your school size and schedule! Events can be as simple as lesson plans incorporated into your jump roping or basketball unit, or can grow to be community-wide events.

We’ve got you covered with fun resources and tips to make your event impacting and engaging! These tools provide you with everything you need from getting top-level support to raising funds online and more.

Registration & Planning
  • Sign up online and meet your Youth Market Director
  • Make it a whole school-community event
  • Gain support from administration & staff
Online Fundraising
  • Learn how to use and customize your school page
  • Create incentives to encourage students to register
  • Create lesson plans to coincide with a classroom demo
Event Kick-off
  • Distribute the envelopes and show the DVD
  • Send home parent letters and online directions
  • Host kick-off assemblies to create excitement!
Promote Your Event
  • Share fun heart facts during morning announcements
  • Create a memory wall
  • Share survivor stories or recognize Heart Heros in your school
Have Your Event and Have a Blast!
  • Finalize logistics: music, equipment and stations
  • Make your event inclusive and fun for everybody.
  • Send reminder to staff, parents and volunteers
Wrap Up Your Event
  • Collect envelops, count donations & order thank you gifts
  • Thank and congratulate student body, staff & volunteers
  • Reward and follow through on incentive plans