Making Healthy Choices Takes Skill

SHAPE America's brand-new Health Education Youth Empowerment Series gives middle-school students opportunities to practice making healthy decisions and positively influence the health of their family and peers.


Goal of the Series

The empowerment series supports students on their path to health literacy. It also gives health educators an opportunity to use a skills-based approach to teaching health education.



About This Unit

This unit empowers students to make healthy nutrition choices. Student-centered and performance-based, each 50-minute lesson in this unit focuses on one of the seven skills of the National Health Education Standards and Performance Indicators (NHES). Each lesson also:
  • Correlates with the national Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool
  • Incorporates one topic of health education content
  • Infuses instant activities to start each lesson, activities to help with proficiency and closure activities
  • Includes ideas for lesson assessment, differentiation, homework and using technology




Student Outcomes

Students will develop and practice using health literacy skills such as:

  • Decision-making
  • Applying functional knowledge to promote health-enhancing nutrition behaviors for themselves  and others
  • Advocating for healthy nutrition habits



50 Million Strong by 2029 is SHAPE America's commitment to put all children on the path to health and physical literacy through effective health and physical education programs. One of the ways teachers can support this is by focusing on effective instruction; which includes using a skills-based approach to delivering health education.

Support Your Curriculum with the JRFH Scare Squad

  • Each monster friend is charged with a special healthy message
  • The Squad reinforces what students learn in health and physical education