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Reinforce Smart
Health Habits with the
Zoo Crew
The Jump Rope For Heart/Hoops For Heart Zoo Crew are the program’s newest heart heroes! Each animal friend has their very own heart health message and reinforces what students are learning in health and physical education.
This year, we’ve aligned national standards-based activity ideas from our 2016 JRFH/HFH Grantees with the Zoo Crew’s heart healthy messages to help get you started on your next wild adventure towards becoming a heart champion!
Rory McFiercely III
inspires us to help others
Mr. Tusker
encourages 60 minutes of
Physical Activity every day
Jade Shoots
eats more fruits and vegetables
- so should we!
Jenny Kicks
says watch out for salty foods
and KICKS them away!
Savanna Bolt
urges us to drink more water
and avoid sugary drinks
Finley Chillerton
asks us to avoid cigarettes
and e-cigarettes