Conference Tracks

The Coach Track

Proposals submitted for inclusion in this track should appeal to coaches at the various levels of sport participation - youth through elite - in the United States. Each session should provide practical application of evidence-based practice that coaches will be able to add to their "Coaches Toolbox" while simultaneously demonstrating the level of activity, skill development, competition, etc. appropriate for the identified level of play.

The Coach Educator/Developer Track

Proposals submitted for inclusion in this track should appeal to sport program administrators, coach educators/developers, and/or academic coach educators. Sessions should reflect one of the following: (a) current research on coach development, (b)paths of coach development across sport, gender, and/or competitive level, or(c) critical topics in coach education. The sessions should provide information that directly relates to the National Standards for Sport Coaches (NASPE, 2006) or the International Sport Coaching Framework (ICCE, 2013) and clearly demonstrates how to develop and deliver programs and resources that are beneficial to coaches.

The Sport Scientist Track

Proposals submitted for inclusion in this track should appeal to coaches, coach educators/developers, sport program administrators and/or sport scientists. These sessions should include original research or new application of sport science knowledge for the enhancement of sport learning and performance among defined athletic populations.

Type of Presentations

Research to Practice Lecture Format

15 and 30 minute presentations highlighting original research, collaborative work or education programs reviews that focus on the application of sport science and best practices for the enrichment of coaching and coach education.

Workshop Format

60 minute programs that involve the audience in an interactive learning experience.

Panel Discussion

60 minute programs that provide an opportunity to explore multiple views and experiences from both experts in the applied sports world (e.g. coaches, athletic directors, program managers) as well as academics across a current hot topic.

Interactive Poster

60 minute programs that brings together themed poster presentations and moderated discussions.  Each presenter is provided 5 - 7 minutes to discuss the application of their work combined with an opportunity for attendees and presenters to participate in a moderated discussion related to the session theme.