Getting Started

Your health. moves. minds. ™ event can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. Tailor it to your school size and schedule! Events can be as simple as lesson plans incorporated into your existing units, or can grow to be community-wide events.

We’ve got you covered with fun resources and tips to make your event impactful and engaging! These tools provide you with everything you need, from getting top-level support to raising funds online and more.

Celebratory Events & School-Wide Engagement Ideas

When participating in health. moves. minds., we recommended holding a celebratory event or engaging in school-wide activities. See below for some ideas on what you can do as well as pictures from the health. moves. minds. pilot schools and their events!


Justification Toolkit

As health and physical educators, we know you see the value and importance in implementing the health. moves. minds.TM program in your school. Now it's time to get your principal/supervisor on board! With so many fundraising options out there and competing priorities, we know it’s sometimes difficult to get buy-in from your administration. We’ve put together tips, suggestions, and benefits to help you when having the conversation with your supervisor.

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Teacher/ School Getting Started Guide

This helpful quick start guide will walk you through easy steps to register for your health. moves. minds. event.

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Parent Quick Start

Simple steps to implementing an engaging experience with your child!

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Event Power Packet

Our teacher prep guide has event timelines, helpful hacks, communication templates, event ideas and more!

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Choose How You Fundraise Guide

There are two flexible fundraising options when you sign up for the health. moves. minds. program to help you make the biggest impact in your school & community.

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Charity Consent Form

Looking to “pay it forward” and allocate 25% of your funds raised to a local charity of your choice? Make sure to complete and submit this form to SHAPE America 2 weeks prior to your event start date.

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What Can I Do With My Gift Card

Check out all the ways your funds can be used to support school wellness!

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Email & Social Media Banners

Download these banners and SHARE on your school’s social media pages to make the most impact! Download includes:

  • Email Banner
  • Facebook Banner
  • Twitter Banner
  • 600x160 Banner
  • 500x500 Banner
  • 1600x626 Banner
  • 1600x838 Banner
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Teacher FAQs

Got a question about the program or using the online fundraising platform? Check out our teacher FAQs!

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