Family Field Day Packet
Help parents plan a field day event in their own backyard!

Here are some activities, tips and tricks to holding a Mind & Body-themed field day with the family.


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  • Find a theme: Get together with your family and pick out your favorite movie or book to theme your @Home field day event.
  • Choose what works for your family:  Choose your level of competition. Your family can all be on the same team working together toward a common goal, or you can split up and make teams.
  • Make your own team logo or family crests! Whether dividing up by teams or working as one group, design a team logo. Pick a color, animal, flower, or tree.  Coordinate team outfits and choose a healthy team snack.
  • Designate roles: Decide on the “jobs” each family member will have. For example, the team chef makes the healthy team snacks, the team stylist picks “uniforms,” and the team manager keeps track of time and checks off activities as you complete them.
  • Print out these mini posters about Good Listening, Respect, and Teamwork, and post around the house.
We give special thanks to Krystal Forsyth, health and physical educator at French Road Elementary School, for her insight and expertise pertaining to the creation of these resources and for the contribution of activities supplied in this publication.

Field Day Packet
Plan now to hold a health. moves. minds. field day next year!
Here are some activities, tips and tricks to holding a Mind & Body-themed field day at your school. 

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Quick Student Challenges
These activities can be completed by students now while at home, or individually on Field Day when school is in session to fill time during lunch and recess waves. They can also be used during your health. moves. minds. event or anytime to get your school moving.

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