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Getting a Piece of a $1.1 Billion Pie

Mario Reyna, coordinator for health and physical education at McAllen Independent School District in Texas — and newly elected SHAPE America board member — shares how he was able to access $40,000 of his school district’s Title IV, Part A ESSA funding for this school year.

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Carly Wright, Jamie Sparks and Karen Johnson identify key themes in ESSA for health and physical education, highlight important timelines for implementation and offer the critical “next steps”.
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"Hearing from leaders of SHAPE America gave me even more confidence to plead my case and keep plugging along."
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2018 Success Stories

2018 Success Stories

Tennessee K-4 Students’ Daily Dose of Physical Education Teaches Fitness Skills for a Lifetime

Nearly 35 percent of Tennessee adults are considered obese, which ranks it sixth in the U.S., according to a national study released in August 2017. Up 21 percent since 2000, the obesity rate also brings many related health issues.

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The Program Team

Kathy Clark, Physical Education Specialist

John Parks, Physical Education Specialist

Tiffany Carlton, Physical Education Specialist

Alicia Barker, FSSD School Board Member

Tim Stillings, FSSD School Board Chair

2018 Success Stories

With Nowhere to Go but up, Louisiana PE Advocates Tip the Scales in Their Favor

With Louisiana’s alarmingly high rates of childhood and adult obesity, ensuring funding for HPE programs in Louisiana schools should be easy. However, as one SHAPE America member found out, it’s not that simple.

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The Program Team

Bonnie Richardson, PE Teacher
LAHPERD President

JiJi Jonas, LAHPERD Advocacy Chair

Erica Gilliam, Manager of the Healthy Schools

Lynn Williamson, LAHPERD Executive Director

Kathy Hill, Former LAHPERD Executive Director

2018 Success Stories

Minnesota Health and PE Advocates Make Valuable Strides Through Statewide Outreach

How do you turn state education officials into allies and advocates for your cause? “Seize every opportunity to reach out to decision makers and present your case.”

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The Program Team

Mike Doyle, Former MNSHAPE President

Samantha Nelson, MNSHAPE Board Member

Megan McCollom, MNSHAPE President

Kirsten Guentzel,MNSHAPE Board Member

Sue Tarr, Former MNSHAPE Past President

2018 Success Stories

‘Many Voices Send a Loud Message’ to Ensure Physical Education Funding for GA Students

Although the ESSA sanctioned health and physical education as part of a well-rounded education, the burden of prioritizing how funds are spent and what schools are held accountable for now rests in the hands of states and school districts.

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The Program Team

Brian Devore, GAHPERD Past-President

Kim Thompson, GAHPERD Executive Director

Dave Martinez, GAHPERD Advocacy
Coordinator Co-Chair

Jana Forrester, GAHPERD Advocacy
Coordinator Co-Chair

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Increasing PA Levels in Elementary Schools
We know that if we can get kids to move more, they will learn better and the program has already shown signs of success.
Reg Hageman, Physical Education Teacher at Capital High School in Helena, MT

Lieberman’s Camp Abilities Helping Change Attitudes
I wanted my preservice students to know what to do when teaching children with visual impairments.
Lauren Lieberman, Adapted Physical Education Teacher at The College at Brockport, NY

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